Карлов створ

Karlov Stvor is a wonderful, majestic place, steeped in an ancient Khakass legend. The place where the Yenisei becomes narrow between the Sayan Mountains, rapidly breaking free into the steppe vastness. A place where hospitable people live among the black taiga and the orchards.

Besides, "Karlov Stvor" is an association of the tourism industry entities of Sayanogorsk. Where we involve museums, accommodation, food, entertainment, travel facilities, and everything related to the hospitality industry. We aim to reveal the borders of the worlds united by people and nature itself to one and all who love active, adventurous, cognitive, health-improving, gastronomic, and meditative rest.

5 facts about the Karlov Stvor


The largest hydroelectric power plant in Russia, the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP is located here.


The climate in Karlovy Str is so mild that apricots and even grapes are grown here.


The most courageous can go to conquer climbing routes on the largest marble rock in Russia.


Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl are waiting for guests in the Tortuga recreation park.


A local attraction is the only tram in Russia where travel is free. The system has one line serving a single route: Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP - Second Terrace.

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